2 Live Crew

25 Best Sex Songs
Sex is a part of life. In hip-hop and R&B, rappers and singers have never been afraid to express themselves sexually in a song -- they get right to the point.
2 Live Crew Reunite, Tour Set for Summer 2012
2 Live Crew, the kings of Miami bass known for rap hits like 'Get It Girl,' 'Face Down A-- Up' and 'Me So Horny,' are reuniting and serving fans with performances of their classic tracks this summer.
Lauded rhymer Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell revealed t…
Uncle Luke Movie Headed to Sundance Film Festival
2 Live Crew's infamous hype-man Uncle Luke is about to bring some Miami heat to Utah's Sundance Film Festival. According to NBC, Luther Campbell has been working with South Florida-based filmmakers and Miami's Borscht Corporation to create one wacky autobiography...

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