T-Pain is on the road promoting his latest single, 'Reverse Cowgirl,' and documenting his adventures in an exclusive web series for The Boombox. Fans will get to be a part of the Floridian rapper's crew as he visits radio stations and clubs leading up to the release of his forthcoming album, 'RevolveR.'

In his latest video, T-Pain visits various radio stations in Chicago, Milwaukee and other Midwest cities to talk about his new record and groundbreaking career. In one interview, he's asked where he sees himself in 10 years. "Ten years? That's actually when i plan on retiring," he reveals. "16 years is how long I plan on being in the game."

Why 16 years? "Because that's when R Kelly fell off," he says with a laugh. Watch T-Pain bust out more wisecracks in the brand new 'Road to RevolveR' webisode after the jump.