T-PainThough initially dismissed as a mere ring-tone rapper, riding the Auto-Tune wave, Grammy-winning producer/singer T-Pain has become a legitimate star. He's appeared on countless No.1 hits and notched highly memorable features on 'Saturday Night Live' and Adult Swim. Pain is now poised to release his fourth album, 'RevolveR,' which may be his biggest record yet.

"It's definitely something different for me," Pain told the BoomBox of his new release. "It's something new that I haven't really touched. I went more towards what I've been trying to do, and figured people wouldn't accept yet. I mean it's kinda hard for people to accept what I'm doing you know what I'm saying? I don't know why."

Pain went on to explain that for all his accolades and successes, he still feels under-appreciated and misunderstood. "If I do a song, and then somebody else does the exact same song, they [critics] like the other person's song before mine's for some reason, I have no idea why. It's been that way for a long time," the Florida-born singer lamented.

Pain has two Grammy Awards under his belt. Despite having won trophies for Jamie Foxx's 'Blame It' and Kanye West's 'The Good Life,' he still wishes he'd be recognized on his own accord.

"They've never been like, my songs, which is weird," says Pain. "So like, 'Blame It' won a Grammy before any other one of my songs and 'Blame It' sounds more like a T-Pain song than any other song I've been on, so that's pretty weird. I think it's an imagery thing, I don't know if they wanna give the chubby guy with dreads a Grammy, who knows."

In the meantime, Pain is planning a departure from his top hat and big a-- chain look. "The top hats started with the 'Thr33 Rings' album, cause it had the whole circus theme and all that crap," he explains. "I don't know this time what it's going to be. I don't know what the outfits or the headwear's gonna be for this album but, it's gonna be something."