When NPR calls, T-Pain answers. Last month, the rappa-ternt-sanga took part in the lauded media organization's Tiny Desk Concert, singing some of his hit songs like 'Buy U a Drank' and 'Up Down (Do This All Day)' without using Auto-Tune. The public was shocked to learn that he's actually a remarkable singer when stripped of the vocal-enhancing device. So shocked that the YouTube video of his NPR performance has racked up more than 6 million views.

T-Pain, who just turned 30, is surprised with the reaction when it's easy to just Google his name. "The video took off pretty crazy," he tells The Boombox. "It's so weird because [singing without Auto-Tune] it's so normal to me. I know I can sing. I kinda gave up on tryna prove it."

The crooner, who usually refrains from using Auto-Tune in live performances, was clueless as to what the Tiny Desk Concert entailed when NPR initially reached out, but he was open to the experience. "NPR's a big outlet, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go do whatever they need me to. I didn't really know what it was until I got there."

YouTube comments on his Auto-Tune-free performance range from sheer disbelief he can carry a tune to the knowledgeable fans criticizing those in awe.

"Not only has this video made me discover a new voice that I absolutely love, it's also made me aware that T-Pain is nothing, as a person, like what I expected. This guy's clearly got soul, knows his music and isn't some plastic gangster. He seems pretty straight up and cool. Well done man, do more of this," writes Tyler Cole, while Victoria Flamel also shared her shock over hearing his natural singing voice. "What!? T-Pain is a great singer!? My life has been a lie!"

T-Pain supporter Glindon Owens -- a "real fan" -- is well-aware of his history as an entertainer with skills: "If you were a real fan then you would have already known he was a good singer."

While he appreciates the opinions -- both good and bad -- T-Pain is more concerned with the fact Auto-Tune gets a bad rap. "It sucks that just because it's been popularized to hate Auto-Tune that people just hate Auto-Tune and they automatically think it's a bad thing," the Florida native shares. Thanks, Jay Z.

Watch T-Pain open up about shocking the world by doing what he does best: use his voice.