A little over a year after debuting the 'I Am T-Pain' iPhone app, the platinum-selling singer/producer has announced that he will be bolstering his popular product by releasing a weekly set of "original producer beat packs" for use with the app.

Every Thursday at 3PM EST, T-Pain will be offering a bundle of five "fresh new beats" from a producer in his camp, available for $0.99 via the 'I Am T-Pain' app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The first beat pack went on sale Nov. 4, featuring all-new instrumentals produced by T-Pain himself, followed last Thursday by a pack of beats from frequent collaborator YoungFyre, who recently helmed T-Pain's new single 'Rap Song' with Rick Ross, and several other tracks on Pain's upcoming fourth album 'RevolveR.'

For more info, or to begin purchasing beat packs, click here. Pain's long-delayed album 'RevolveR' does not currently have a scheduled release date, despite having released two other singles -- 'Reverse Cowgirl' and 'Take Your Shirt Off' -- from the album.

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