Grammy-winning rapper T-Pain has announced a dance contest, offering three lucky winners the opportunity to join him on his forthcoming tour behind his new album.

"I wanted to find some fresh dancers for my upcoming tour, but not through the usual channels," T-Pain said in a statement. The "Blood, Sweat and Dance" contest launched on Jan. 21, challenging entrants to upload homemade dance clips to, which will be reviewed by Pain. Each contestant is expected to dance for 1-minute to Omarion's 'I Get It In' and provide another 30-second clip showcasing an additional "talent."

"This time I wanted to do an open call for anyone and everyone to submit videos," Pain said. " was the obvious choice to partner up with."

The contest ends on Feb. 16, and Pain will announce one male and two female winners on Feb. 22. All you dance hopefuls can upload your videos here.

'Revolver' -- T-Pain's fourth studio album -- will be in stores on March 30, with a world tour to follow.