As Valentine's Day approaches, T. Pain is dropping a special song for the lovebirds, "Officially Yours."

With less Auto-Tune and more natural vocals, T. Pain belts about the unyielding love he has for the woman in his life, just in time for the official celebration of love this Sunday.

"It's been a long time coming but now baby I'm officially yours," he sings in the adorable '50s doo-wop styled song. "You won't believe the things I've been through to be right here / I almost died just to get to you / I'd go to hell and to hell again / I'd gladly go back and forth," he continues to sing over The Internz-produced song. Swoon.


Teddy Penderassdown premiered the live version of the song last November on NPR and the performance was so good, he also returned for an encore performance. Now, fans can finally hear the official CDQ version. The single is also slated to appear of T. Pain's fifth studio album, Stoicville: The Phoenix -- and we'll be more than happy to hear a full album like this from the singer. We learned two years ago that T. Pain can sing without Auto-Tune, and it's nice to hear the crooner utilize his beautiful voice.

The lyric video is also equally adorable as it shows off wedding footage submitted by fans. Check it out above here and listen to the song below. Then, let us know what you think in the comments!

Listen to T. Pain's "Officially Yours"