Rapper turned "sanga," T-Pain is taking his auto-tune obsession to the next level and has inked a deal with Apple to add the application to iPhones. The Tallahassee native came up with the 'I Am T-Pain' application to give fans access not only to his music but to make their own.

"I came up with the whole thing pretty much," he told The BoomBox. "I saw all these applications [such as the] 'Be Like Lil Wayne'... the 'Fun House'.... Britney Spears [even] had one so, I figured it was time for me to get one."

The application allows users to record modulated sound effects in real-time, then transfer them directly to their computer through iTunes. "The best thing about [the application] is [the] price: $2.99," he told the BoomBox. "It's freaking awesome! It comes with five songs, so that's awesome. You can purchase other songs with music or music and lyrics and sing along with [them]." The application also offers a bundle package of hits like 'Can't Believe It,' 'Kiss Kiss,' 'Chopped and Screwed,' and 'Got Money.'

"As soon you take it [the application] it goes into your voice note. Once you sink your iTunes with your computer every time you [open] iTunes you can play it."

Users can record music either acapella or over beats and send the file via email. The recordings cans also be uploaded to Myspace, Facebook, and will soon be available for Twitter.

'I Am T-Pain' is available for download on iTunes today (Sept. 4).