T-Pain has dropped his video for the Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen-assisted track '5 O'Clock' directed by Hype Williams' nephew Erik White. The video's story is a literal interpretation of the track, T-Pain getting a text strolling on home as his girlfriend awaits.

We thought Wiz's verse came out of nowhere in the track, but the video seems to have resolved that bit by having the rappers suddenly bump into each other in Amsterdam's red light district, romanticized lingerie-clad prostitutes advertising their services in the window display in the background. No explanation as to why that alien-looking translucent phone gets so much screen time.

If you're expecting to see Lily in the vid, you won't. She's expecting. A non-pregnant brunette stand in plays the part of Teddy Pain's restless girl, mouthing along to the sample of Allen's 2009 song 'Who'd Have Known.'

The question remains, does T-Pain pull off looking fly in a pedicab ride?

Watch T-Pain's '5 O'Clock Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen'