T-Pain's newest single finds him in a very bitter place. Even the 'Rappa Ternt Sanga' has trouble with unfaithful females on 'I'm F---ing Done' featuring Tay Dizm, a rapper on T-Pain's Nappy Boy Digital record label.

The new song finds T-Pain pretty deep in his feelings as he makes some pretty clear demands to a female who apparently cheated on him, subtweeted at him, tried to get his money and is jealous because he's "gettin' money.' The accusations culminate in a pretty blunt hook that's performed in signature autotune. "F--- you, I don't give a f---," he chants before he follows up with a more lewd diss.

As T-Pain rants in the chorus, the female models faces get splattered with paint in the accompanying video. It's an artistic expression of the crooner's emotional release when it's taken by itself, but it's pretty gross when taken with its accompanying lyric.

'I'm F---ing Done' may turn up on T-Pain's upcoming ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix,' which is expected to drop this year.