T-Pain is hitting the road to promote his latest single, 'Reverse Cowgirl,' and documenting his adventures in an exclusive web series for The Boombox. Fans will get to be a part of the Floridian rapper's crew as he visits radio stations and clubs leading up to the release of his forthcoming album, 'RevolveR.'

T-Pain's fourth release is the follow-up to 2008's 'Thr33 Ringz,' and no, the album title is not misspelled. "When you see the logo, the two Rs on Revolver [are] capitalized and the rest of it's lowercase so in the middle it just says 'evolve,'" he explains.

As for the inspiration behind his new single, T-Pain says it's self-explanatory. "All the grown people, you all know the inspiration for 'Reverse Cowgirl.' All the young people that don't know what it is, [it'll] give you great pleasures for the rest of your life -- for your grown-up times."

Watch as T-Pain and his entourage visit Atlanta, Charlotte and Greensboro in the first two episodes of 'Russian Roulette: The Road to Revolver,' after the jump. 'Reverse Cowgirl' is available in stores and on iTunes now.