T-Pain is on the road promoting his latest single, 'Reverse Cowgirl,' and documenting his adventures in an exclusive web series for The Boombox. Fans will get to be a part of the Floridian rapper's crew as he visits radio stations and clubs leading up to the release of his forthcoming album, 'RevolveR.'

In his latest video, T-Pain visits various Philadelphia radio stations to talk about his summer-slated release. "This is actually the first time I let anybody produce on my album, so I got a couple of producers on there -- Tha Bizness, Bei Maejor, Kane -- you know, just all the people that's hot right now," he says of the people who worked on 'RevolveR.' "But as far as collabos, it's just Akon, Flo Rida and Busta Rhymes."

Watch T-Pain and his entourage take on Philly with radio interviews, a monster DJ set and more in the charismatic artist's fourth 'Road to Revolver' webisode after the jump.