At the beginning of his anti auto-tune campaign, Jay-Z took a little interview time to give respect to T-Pain for doing what he does best, but it seems like Pain has met his match when it comes to dealing with another hip hop mogul -- Diddy. Pain talked to MTV about his work with the Bad Boy CEO on his upcoming album, 'Last Train To Paris,' and admitted that working with Mr. Combs could get a little intense. "Diddy's kind of aggressive," Pain said. "He can get that way, but I tried to change my phone number every time he tried to reach me."

"He's been a producer for so many years, so he pretty much knows what he's doing," Pain added. "But it's more like ideas for different songs and getting different concepts and topics."

Pain then went on to talk about his confusion with formatting the songs for the upcoming album, after Diddy's request that the tracks be left open-ended, so that any member of his "new group," could sing the parts. "He said he was making a group ... on his whole album it's going to be him, another dude and two girls, so that was weird to me as it is. He said [to not] make the song for him, just make a song, and whoever he thinks can sing certain parts, that's who's going to sing it in the group," Pain said. "I don't know what the hell to expect from that guy right now."

After confusing the daylights out of T-Pain, Diddy officially introduced the world to this rumored group, Dirty Money, via Twitter early this morning. He posted the first official snapshot of the trio, made up of ex-Danity Kane singer Dawn Richard, newcomer Kalenna and only one dude -- Diddy himself. He later followed up with another tweet linking to an almost five minute YouTube clip explaining the concept behind the group, and declaring right off the bat that the title had nothing to do with drug money. "Dirty Money is a look, a sound, a feel, a movement, a crew," Diddy said. "For my new album 'Last Train To Paris,' I wanted to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself as an artist....and I play best on a team, I'm a team player."