Auto-tune impresario T-Pain has finally broken his silence regarding his recent tirade against Jay-Z. In an interview with Ed Lover on Power 105.1 in New York, Pain explained his reasoning for yelling "F--- Jay-Z" during his set in Las Vegas, claiming that Jay snubbed him during his performance at Hot 97's Summer Jam in June.

"This isn't the first time I've said it," T-Pain explained. "I called Jay and said 'Yo, can you come out during my set at the stadium and do the 'D.O.A.' song? It would be a big look for me and you.' I embraced the the time he said he was triple-booked in Switzerland. I'm ready to go on after a Jeezy set and they said 'Hold on because Jay-Z is about to come out.' I said, 'well Jay-Z's in Switzerland,' and they're like 'No he's not, he's right there.' I look and then there's Jay-Z. That's one thing."

Although Pain felt like the snub was intentional, he still joined Jay on stage for his performance of 'D.O.A.,' the song which calls for the death of T-Pain's signature sound. "Then the line in the song where he says 'I don't need nobody smiling at this' he pointed at me," T-Pain continued. "And at the end of the song when I tried to shake his hand he said 'Good riddance.'"

We can't confirm the allegations, but we can certainly understand the singer/producer's frustrations.

In other Jay-Z/T-Pain related news, rapper Fabolous, who initially reported Pain's outburst in Vegas and launched a mistaken attack against Pain via Twitter, has officially buried the hatchet.

"I apologized really because I kinda jumped out the window a little bit and didn't check into it before I knew what I was doing, so I apologized for that," said Fab. "He [was] explaining the whole thing with Jay, how he felt like Jay was coming at him a little bit." We're at least glad to see Fab and Pain aren't at odds.