Rap newcomer T. Mills heats things up in his new video for 'Scandalous,' a track appearing on his 'Leaving Home' project. The 22-year-old rhymer filmed the visuals in New York City at posh hotspot Yotel hotel.

Directed by Darryl Phillips, the Riverside, Calif., native croons and rhymes about a girl who he can't get off of his mind due to her devilish ways. He's got a girlfriend, but that hasn't stopped cheating men before and his lyrics certainly demonstrate that.

A blonde with a pixie cut appears in the clip, wearing a ski mask, but she quickly rips it off to unveil her fair-skinned face -- and sheds her clothes -- as she hops in a shower in front of T. Mills.

The tattooed and pierced entertainer looks on as she caresses her body for his ogling pleasure. "You so scandalous but damn that p---- glamorous," he rhymes.

'Scandalous' appears on his 'Leaving Home' EP, which debuted earlier this month.

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