TILess than a month after being released from prison, T.I. is back in the studio. The Grand Hustle president, who was incarcerated for the past seven months on a weapons charge, has been released to a halfway house where he is allowed to work on his music during the week, according to producer Jim Jonsin.

"He's back in the studio. I sent him some music via email," Jonsin said. "He can work during the week and not on the weekend, I believe. He's definitely working on an album for this year right now."

Jonsin worked with the Atlanta rapper on his hit 'Whatever You Like' and is responsible for Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop.' "It doesn't seem like he missed a beat," the Florida-based producer said of T.I. "He was so upbeat, his spirits were up, and he's excited to be out and working. He hasn't changed, he sounded exactly like he did when I talked to him months before he went in."

As for the next T.I. release, Jonsin said it's all still coming together. "That's really going to be determined by him. We're supposed to get together or talk more about it soon," he concluded. "But his last album was great and his sound already does really well, so I wouldn't see him changing too much."