Rapper T.I. is up on his political game and he's voting for Bernie Sanders.

TMZ caught up with the Atlanta rapper at the airport and asked him who he would vote for if he was allowed to. At first, Tip was puzzled by the question and then the cameraman told him that since he's a convicted felon he wasn't allowed to vote. Not true said Tip.

"What do you mean if I could vote?" he asked. "I definitely can vote though," he added.

The Grand Hustle leader then gave him some insider information on his voting decisions for the past two presidential elections. "I voted for Obama both times," he said. "This is something that most people don't know. As long as you are not serving any sentence or as long s you are not on probation or anything. If you've completed your term, you served your debt to society. You can re-register."

So yeah, T.I. can vote in this year's upcoming elections.

The Paper Trail creator also revealed that he's voting for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. 

"He's the most honest, straight up dude," he told TMZ. "The most viable option."

T.I. isn't the only rapper in Sanders' camp -- Killer Mike, Bun B, Scarface and Lil B are also feeling the Bern. 

Last year, Tip was under fire after saying that he wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton because she's a woman. He later apologized and recanted his statement.

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