Atlanta rapper T.I. was denied his request to delay his prison sentence by 10 days. The Judge presiding over the case has ruled that T.I. must arrive in Arkansas today (May 26), to begin serving his 366-day sentence as planned, in Forrest City Correctional Institute, a low security facility about 85 miles east of Little Rock.

The decision was made one day after the rapper's lawyer requested the delay, to allow time for the rapper to make a formal request to the Bureau of Prisons that he be placed in a minimum security prison rather than the low security facility he has been assigned to.

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The rapper performed a farewell concert and said goodbye to a crowd of 16,000 fans at Atlanta's Philips Arena on Sunday night. "What I need y'all to do is pray for me while I'm gone," he told the sellout crowd. "I'm going to stand up tall, head up high," he told fans. "Thank you for all of your support."

T.I. was sentenced to one year in prison for illegal possession of firearms while being a convicted felon. The 28-year-old rap star will reportedly be eligible for early release within ten months, but he's dismissed/disputed claims he'll only serve two months behind bars. Following his release, the rapper will remain on probation for three years and pay fines totaling $100,000.