Love is definitely in the air. T.I. and his lovely wife, Tiny, are celebrating a milestone. Five years ago, the couple tied the knot and they celebrated their love on social media today (July 31).

Tiny shared a photo on Instagram of the couple on their wedding day, highlighting her commitment to her hubby Tip. In a tender post, the reality star wrote about her undying devotion to the rap superstar.

"5 yrs ago I walked down the isle to meet the love of my life..the man that changed my life for the better. Gave me beautiful kids/family. & I'm so happy to say...That's my fine sex symbol u looking at @troubleman31 Mr. Harris, my other half,my partner. I Love You For Life," she wrote.

Another hip-hop couple celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary is Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. The couple got married on July 31, 2010.

The "28 Thousand Days" singer went on her Instagram page to salute her loving partner Swizzy for giving her the best five years of her life.

"My dearest, love of my life -- The day we saw sunflowers drawn with chalk on the NYC park concrete we knew something special was happening. Something about that day, spoke to forever...," she wrote. "If life is a movie you're the only one I want to share the scene with, If love is a dream, you're the only one I want to dream with, If life is a game, you're the one I want to be on the team with!! There's no part of my #28000days, I want to live with out you...Happy 5th anniversary my King!!!!"

After reading this sentimental post, you can see why Keys is such a gifted songwriter -- she knows how to pen words that touch the heart.

Congratulations to both T.I. and Tiny as well as Alicia and Swizz on their 5th wedding anniversaries. May you both enjoy another year of marital bliss.

Isn't love grand?

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