As the days wind down to the moment T.I. walks into jail to serve his year-and-a-day prison sentence, the Atlanta rapper will allow his fans to join him during his 45 days until his "official day of reckoning."

The MTV reality series 'Road to Redemption' will follow the rap star as he attempts to change the lives of seven young people, who are heading down the wrong path.

"We're going to help him whether he wants our help or not," the rapper proudly proclaims before ambushing each of the seven youngsters chosen to have their life turned upside down by the rap star.

The youth are unaware that they're about to undergo a 'Scared Straight' moment. Pee Wee, a local Atlanta drug dealer, thinks MTV is working on special about "hustlers" when he's confronted by T.I.

The rapper shows Pee Wee the harsh realities of the streets in the first episode of the reality series and takes the time to expose Pee Wee -- who admits that he'd like to be an actor instead of a drug dealer -- to William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet.'

Check out the first episode of 'Road to Redemption,' which first aired on MTV Tuesday night, after the jump.