As reported by AOL Music, Taylor Swift became "T-Sweezy" aka "T-Swizzle" for a night during her Speak Now tour stop in Atlanta back in October. The 21-year-old singer surprised screaming fans when she brought rapper T.I., 31, on stage to perform his hit 'Live Your Life' alongside her. Now, footage from the hip-hop star's new VH1 reality show, 'T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,' has revealed the making of the epic stage collabo with scenes we'd like to call, "When Taylor met T.I."

After his release from an 11-month prison stay just days earlier, Tip caused chaos when he stepped out onto the stage in his hometown during the country darling's Atlanta show. But no one was more surprised by the unlikely duet than T.I. himself!

"As a dinosaur in this industry, to have the leader of such a young audience call me and consider me to even come out there, that was flattering," the rapper told his reality show confessional cameras.

"This is so huge that you came out here," Swift told Tip.

"It's huge that you would even consider the old man!" he humbly replied.

Check out the footage of their meeting below!

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