T.I. has been all about maintaining a positive mental attitude before, during and after his recent stint in prison on weapons charges. After his release, the rapper emphasized his progression and maturity in a series of interviews that often touched on the same questions about his routine and lessons learned behind bars. That's all well and good, but T.I. recently changed it up by dropping a humorous anecdote about how the HBO show 'True Blood' was all the rage and he wasn't really having it.

"I watched series like 'Sons of Anarchy,'" explained Tip to Complex in a feature set to hit newsstands. "I'm a fan. It's another form of 'The Sopranos' to me. I watched football and ESPN," he said before turning his focus on the vampire hit. "I couldn't really watch it, but they got into that s--- heavy. The whole prison damn near shut down. They went crazy for it. There's a bunch of sex in it, so they were tuning in for that."

T.I. had to focus his time on television because the thought of not being able to create music was making him sick. With no way to record, he felt it best to avoid the medium altogether.

"I didn't listen much to records when I was in there," he said. "Music is what I do every day. That made me more homesick than anything."