As T.I.'s new single 'Dead and Gone,' featuring Justin Timberlake, climbs the charts, the rapper admits that the song means more to him now that he's recently said goodbye to his former self. "What matters more than the mistakes you make, is what you're able to learn from them," T.I. proclaims in the beginning of the song. The rapper discussed turning his life around after being arrested and charged with two felony counts of weapons possession in a recent interview with the BoomBox.

"This is the most recent time where I felt like that," T.I. admitted while discussing when he knew he had to make a change for the better. "It's basically a result of, you know, putting myself in a position that proved itself to be hazardous and just unnecessarily negative. Had I taken the time to evaluate and access my thoughts before this situation had taken place, I could have avoided it."