Even though he's currently locked up, T.I. has found himself back in legal hot water. The 29-year-old has been named in a lawsuit filed in Fulton County State Court on Monday (Nov. 8), by a recording technician for failing to stop a physical altercation that took place in his Atlanta recording studio.

Norris Gresham is holding Tip, and five others including rapper Mike Bigga (formerly known as Killer Mike), responsible for an assault which took place at Echo Studios on Sept. 8. Even though he was not in the studio at the time, Gresham believes that the Grammy winner is at fault, because he received messages about the attack as it was taking place. "T.I. did nothing to stop or prevent the assault," read the suit.

Gresham states that the incident began when Mike could not find a diamond encrusted chain and medallion. After the jewelry was recovered, the situation apparently turned physical and Gresham was allegedly held captive by the men for 12 hours, threatened with a gun, and pushed down a flight of stairs, causing him to lose two teeth in the fall.

Tip, born Clifford Harris Jr., is currently serving a one year sentence at an Arkansas prison for failing violating his parole. He is scheduled to be released in September 2011. He has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.