T.I. might be headed back to jail soon to serve an 11-month sentence, but he's paying for more mistakes he made following his recent release from prison. A promoter named Carl D. Davis has filed suit against the King of the South in the United States District Court for the Southern Division of Alabama earlier this week, claiming that Tip cost him $340,000 after he canceled the appearances at a Welcome Home concert.

According to AllHipHop.com, the suit claims that Davis flew to Atlanta and forked over $80,000 to T.I. and his reps to confirm his performance at his first "Welcome Back Party," which would have taken place at Birmingham Jefferson Coliseum on May 28. Davis realized something was wrong when Tip visited 95.7 FM and stated that he wouldn't perform at the gig, but would instead host it.

Fans began to question the concert's legitimacy, which caused Davis distress and put him in the hospital. Davis claims that he lost his entire life savings, and is suing the emcee to recover his money.

"Coupled with his financial expenditures since the inception of the agreement, Davis began to experience heavy stress, suffer chest pains, nausea, emotional distress and hospitalization because of the vast amount of investments he made," reads the lawsuit.

T.I. was recently handed an 11-month sentence mere months after he was released from a yearlong bid. Tip and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were pulled over and subsequently arrested in L.A. in September after police found narcotics in their vehicle.

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