While he awaits the verdict of his own fate, T.I. helped change someone else's life saving a man from committing suicide Wednesday (October 13).

According to reports, a young man was attempting to jump off of a building but Tip talked him back down to safety. The man, contemplated jumping to his death from the 22-story Colony Square building, located in midtown Atlanta, before Tip saved the day. After hearing of the situation on local radio station V-103, the Grand Hustle labelhead called into station to see if there was anything he could do.

Tip, who was on his way to a video shoot, then headed over to the scene, where he met with authorities and recoded a heartfelt video message for the jumper. "Nothing is that bad," Tip said, according to TMZ. "Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I'm here to help you. Please come down to talk to me." Later in the day he explained what drove him to try and save the man's life. "Something in me just said, 'man you gotta try and help. You gotta do whatever you can,' "he said.

Authorities praised T.I.'s assistance in helping the man, whom he reportedly spoke with just before he was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. "He didn't have to stop. He could've kept on going about his business," said Atlanta Police Department Officer James Polite. "We're happy it ended the way it did, and we thank him." Ironically, just as he completed one good deed, Tip will find himself on the opposite side of the law, when he appears in a federal courtroom later this week.

The Grammy nominated rapper will plead for his freedom after violating the terms of his probation in September, when he was found to be in possession of ecstasy, just a few months after completing a prison sentence on a federal weapons charge. T.I. is scheduled to appear in court Friday October 15.