TIT.I. completed the official terms of his 366-day jail sentence last Friday (March 26) and the ATL rapper is wasting no time getting back to work. On Thursday, April 1, Tip appeared in his first on-camera interview, since his incarceration for illegal weapons possession.

In the short clip interview clip posted on his site, TrapMuzik.com, Tip explained that he was ready to start fresh. "I'm happy to be home," he said. "I feel better than I've ever felt. I learned a lot, grew a lot. Now I think it's time to put all that to good use." He touched on his time spent behind bars, explaining that he wasn't allotted much room for creativity. "I didn't write too much. People might have thought I was doing a lot of writing, but I didn't write that much," Tip said. "I didn't get a lot of time to. It was a lot of activity around me, so I really wasn't motivated to create."

The Grand Hustle Records CEO, addressed his upcoming album, noting that it would be significantly different from his 2008 release, 'Paper Trail.' "I want to maintain the level of success I've been fortunate enough to do over and over again over the years," he said. "This album is different in many ways. I think that 'Paper Trail' was a lot more about thoughts; this is more about feelings. This is significantly more aggressive, or at least at this period in production."

The first single from T.I.'s upcoming album is titled 'I'm Back.' The album is slated to hit stores this summer. Check out the full interview after the jump.