Just a day after his release from an Arkansas federal prison on Sept. 1, the 'Live Your Life' rapper was remanded back into federal custody for allegedly using an incorrect mode of transportation from the prison to a halfway house in Atlanta, Ga.

According to an incident report published by TMZ, the bus T.I. was transported in also housed his manager and two VH1 producers, who were not officially authorized to be traveling with him. Furthermore, prison officials consider T.I.'s VH1 documentary "conducting business while crossing state lines," a direct violation of his furlough, or work release plan.

"Bureau of Prison officials did not specifically state at any time that T.I. was limited to being in the vehicle with his wife and no one else," T.I's attorney Steve Sadow told MTV. "There is nothing that was specifically instructed or directed on this."

Sadow continued to argue that the mode of transportation had been cleared with prison officials, and that his client did nothing wrong.

"He had no reason to think there would be a problem traveling with these particular people, because his manager had been approved for visitation and had seen him several times at the facility in Arkansas and the producer had been approved for visitation and had seen him several times," Sadow said.

T.I. is currently being held in the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, awaiting his disciplinary hearing, which has yet to be scheduled. Regardless of the hearing's outcome, he will be released on Sept. 29, having serving out his 11-month sentence for probation violation.

"It's important that the world know how unfair he's being treated on such minor charges ... all because he's T.I.," his wife Tiny told TMZ. "Our family needs [him] ... and because of someone's personal vendetta against him, we have to watch our kids' sad faces everyday when he still doesn't show up at home."

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