While rapper T.I. is in prison serving out his one-year sentence he's been receiving a slue of fan mail plus letters from friends and colleagues, among them is director Chris Robinson. The man behind videos for Alicia Keys, Nas, and Jennifer Hudson, also directed Tip's silver screen debut 'ATL' in 2005.

We caught up with the sought after director who revealed that he and Tip are good friends. "I wrote him," he told The BoomBox. "I haven't spoken to him yet but before you know it we're going to blink our eyes and he's [going to] be right out here taking over the world. [I have] so much love [for] Tip!"

Aside from their big screen collaboration Robinson also directed several of the Atlanta natives videos including 'Dead and Gone' featuring Justin Timberlake.

Next up for Robinson is his film 'LAX.' Although he couldn't spill all the details, Robinson said that the film will follow a formula similar to 'ATL,' "Its five stories that all combine together," he said. "The premise is how all of our lives are really affected by each other and how close we all really are. We kind of feel like we all live separate lives. The city of Los Angeles is going to be a character in [the film] so how we had ATL and told that story, LAX a totally different set of characters. I really love that."

Tip is scheduled for release sometime next year.