Having recently been released from prison, it was inevitable that Atlanta's reigning "King," T.I., would take the seat next to E!'s reigning late night comedy queen, Chelsea Handler.

Tip last visited the set of 'Chelsea Lately' just before he went away, well over a year ago, but Handler and the married rapper continued their flirtation right where they left off, discussing their "special" relationship -- despite his marriage -- and the naughty care package Handler sent him while he was locked up.

"I am very horny about seeing my next guest," Handler began, as Tip appeared with a large bottle of Remy Martin. "Welcome back? How was prison?" she inquired.

"As well as to be expected," he responded, politely. "I had a much better time with your care package, as much of it as I could receive." After discussing the contraband contents of said package, Handler mentioned that Tip's wife, Tiny, had also guested on her show, while he was away.

"Your lady friend "Tiny" said she had never heard anything about our relationship, so it was awkward," she chided. Despite her jokes, a chagrined T.I. still managed his to plug his forthcoming album, 'King Uncaged,' and new film, 'Takers,' before mentioning that he'll be releasing his own signature blend of Remy Martin cognac. "Are you kidding me? A black guy coming out with their own liquor label? I don't believe it," Handler quipped.

Watch the clip below. Chelsea Handler loves her some rappers.

'King Uncaged' will be in stores August 17.