T.I. and Shawty Lo have been throwing daggers at each other for several months, but the "King of the South" has ignored the 'Laffy Taffy' rapper's remarks regarding his credibility, until now. "I've been out for nine years, ['Paper Trail'] is my sixth album. If any of these claims had any validity to them, wouldn't it have been said by now? I mean, if he felt like this, why didn't he say this when he was promoting 'Laffy Taffy'?," T.I. said in response to Lo's claims that Tip isn't really from Atlanta's Bankhead neighborhood.

T.I. attempted to refrain from biting Lo's head off in a recent radio interview, but managed to call the D4L member a hater. "In life we all have positions to play, and I've accepted my position in life as a winner, as a leader, as the example. The one who sets the standard of how to do things, and how to do things correctly. I've accepted his position as being a hater. And if I don't win, he can't hate. So I'ma do my job, so he can continue to do his."