One month after getting pulled over for suspected drug possession, T.I. has been scheduled to appear in court October 15, to explain to a federal judge why his probation should not be revoked. The 29-year-old was summoned to appear in an Atlanta Courtroom in mid-September following the incident for which he stands accused of possession of marijuana and ecstasy.

Tip will appear before Judge Charles Pannell Jr., to plead his case, which could send him right back to jail just months after his release from a federal prison stemming from a previous weapons charge. The Atlanta native was busted, September 1, after making an illegal U-turn on the Hollywood's Sunset Strip, alongside his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. The two were arrested and tested positive for ecstasy. Aside from the drugs, Tip was also in the presence of a convicted felon, Cortez Thomas, which is also a violation of his probation.

Since the arrest both Tip and his wife have been keeping a low profile, only stepping out for certain events, such as their For the Love of Our Fathers foundation soiree this past weekend, which raised money for Alzheimer's. "It's very, very personally close to our family," Tip told the press, of the disease which plagued his late father. "And while I was, you know, while I was going through my ... period of hiatus, Tameka had the idea of ... starting this foundation. And I thought it was an outstanding idea."

This latest violation could send the rapper back to prison for up to three years. At press time, T.I.'s lawyer declined to comment on the case.