Since his release from prison last month, T.I. hasn't wasted much time getting back into music. Within a couple of days, he'd performed a duet with country darling Taylor Swift and dropped his first comeback single, 'I'm Flexin',' and now he's hitting us with another track.

Produced by Pharrell Williams, who also drops a verse on the song, 'Here Ye, Hear Ye' is a straight up rhyme-fest -- no hook, no frills, no problem. Over a bumping beat and triumphant horn sample, the two MCs show why they're two of the game's best rhymers.

The Neptunes member leads things off, and when he's finished flinging complex metaphors and discussing his ambition -- "I told y'all muthaf---ers once, I think I'm hungry" -- he passes the mic to his partner, urging, "Ayo, Tip, get these pion n----s told."

T.I. does just that, touching on everything from his jail time -- the result of a parole violation following a drug arrest in Los Angeles -- to the 2006 murder of his friend Philant Johnson, an event that still weighs heavy on his mind.

"Still wonder where it all went wrong/ Since Phil got killed I ain't never moved on/ Like I'm still in the club where the blows got thrown/ When my crown fell down and I got dethroned," the Atlanta MC rhymes. "Bunch of n----s around but I feel all alone/ Like a piece of me is missin', guess it never came home."

He may be feeling alone, but T.I. isn't about to call it quits. Appearing yesterday (Oct. 18) on 'The View,' he denied rumors he might retire, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed that he and Pharrell have recorded several tracks for his next studio album.

He also said he's debating between two titles, 'Kill the King' -- because, "If you anoint yourself king, you have made yourself a target," he told the magazine -- and 'Trouble.'

The latter obviously refers to his recent legal troubles, but T.I. is looking to put all that behind him.

"If I never went to jail, did drugs, toted guns or made hot music, you never would have gave a f--- in the first place," he told Rolling Stone. "Let's get back to making hot music and let that be the reason you f--- with me."

Listen to T.I. & Pharrell's 'Hear Ye, Hear Ye'

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