T.I. joins TwitterWith a new single dropping and a new album to follow, rapper T.I. is in the process of finishing up the tail end of his prison sentence this month. Tip turned himself in to authorities in May of last year to begin his sentence on federal gun possession charges and was released to a halfway house in December.

"He was [originally] sentenced to a year and a day. The [Federal] Bureau of Prison's decided that after approximately seven or so months he would be released," Tip's lawyer Steve Sadow told The BoomBox. "He was in the halfway house for approximately two months. He is now on home confinement until approximately March 26."

Following the completion of his sentence, Tip will remain on probation for three years and must complete his 1,500 hours of court appointed community service. According to Sadow, the Atlanta native has about 400 hours left. Sadow also noted that should Tip travel out of state for work, he will have to get legal consent but that the judge may modify the parameters of his supervised release. "My legal assumption is that at first he will need permission to travel but at some point in time it may not be as strenuous. When the community service is finished the other terms will be more lenient."

The Grammy winner was arrested in an Atlanta parking lot back in 2007 for purchasing several weapons including a machine gun. Although he was facing up to 10 years behind bars the 'Live You Life' rapper struck a plea deal, cutting down his sentence substantially. In 2009 he chronicled his last few months of freedom in the MTV docu-series 'Road to Redemption.' As previously reported the 29-year-old is setting up for a return to the music game by way of his latest single 'I'm Back' which debuts March 8.