T.I. has left his wife's side on more than one occasion. His stints in jail have left Tameka "Tiny" Harris to care for their numerous children by herself and serve as mother and father simultaneously. Now that the southern MC is out of hot water, having completed his prison sentence last year, he's reminding his lady love that he's here to support her. As rough as their union can be, there's a million reasons to live a life together, which can be heard on "Love This Life."

The song, produced by Mars of 1500 or Nothin', finds the rhymer delivering lyrics that speak to his significant other over a piano-laden, country-loving beat. "Problems, solve 'em, never mind that/ Girlfriend see your bag, be like, 'Where you find that?'/ Plus what's a prenup/ You ain't got to sign that," he raps.

"Love This Life" will appear on Tip's forthcoming eighth studio album, Trouble Man.

Listen to T.I.'s "Love This Life"

Watch "Rapper T.I. Is Released From Prison"

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