As T.I. prepares for another prison stint, a group of fans is coming to his rescue, begging the judge to send the rapper to rehab instead. According to TMZ, the group, whose identity has not been revealed, filed documents in a federal court last Thursday (Oct. 21).

Identifying themselves only as "Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia" the mystery group is arguing that T.I. does not deserve to return to the slammer, because the punishment does not fit the crime. "Generally incarceration is a punitive sanction and ought to be used only in egregious circumstances, which from the face of the alleged violations by the Probations Officer do not appear to be present in this case," reads the documents.

T.I., born Clifford Harris, violated his probation back in September after he was arrested for possession of controlled substances. The document goes on to state that the 11-month prison sentence handed down to the Grammy winner for the probation violation, is not only frowned upon but was the act of a personal vendetta held by the probation officer. "It appears as though the Probation Officer had an axe to grind and instead of seeking rehabilitation of Mr. Harris chose to seek his incarceration on what appears to be a first time so-called violation of the conditions of supervised release."

Neither T.I. nor his lawyers know who filed the documents and have no intentions of appealing the prison sentence. Tip is scheduled to turn himself in this week.