Rapper T.I. got hit with a federal tax lien in the amount of $1,640,664.90.

According to Daily Mail Online, official documents filed in Georgia last week indicate that the IRS came after the Atlanta-based hip-hop star for taxes owed from 2014. This is just the latest in Tip's tax woes: he reportedly owed the federal government over $4.5 million in unpaid taxes; $1,397,283.47 in unpaid taxes for 2012 and $3,173,476.39 for income for 2013.

So if you're tallying at home, Tip now owes the federal government more than $6.2 million in unpaid taxes.

It was announced this week that T.I. had signed a distribution deal with Jay Z's Roc Nation and is now a part-owner of Jay's TIDAL service. He gave a TIDAL-exclusive pop-up concert at Atlanta's Greenbriar Mall last week, which was made available for both subscribers and non-subscribers to stream on the service.

New distribution deal, new stake in a high profile entrepreneurial endeavor, and a new album on the way; all things considered, 2016 could be going a lot worse for Tip. Those are all positives for T.I., because it's likely the government will begin seizing assets if he can't pony up the dough for that hefty tax bill he's accrued.

He also recently spoke out in support of Beyonce and the criticized the controversy surrounding the pop diva's "Formation" video and Super Bowl performance.

“['Formation'] is an attack on cops that attack our people,” Tip told TMZ. “How they gon’ protest against our protest? I don’t think that Beyoncé was being malicious in any way in her demonstration, and I feel that anything that is done to demonstrate against a pure demonstration is gon’ lose in the end.”