In an effort to keep busy while on house arrest pending trial for gun charges, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. has designed a t-shirt for Playboy's second annual Rock the Rabbit program.

Playboy will offer the limited edition custom T-shirts at and select Bloomingdales nationwide. Playboy also plans to auction off the original bunny logo shirts to benefit the Rock the Vote organization.

T.I. was arrested on October 13, when he allegedly tried to purchase machine guns and silencers in a Walgreens parking lot in midtown Atlanta.

In addition to designing limited edition tees, the rapper is currently working on music for his new album, dubbed 'Paper Trail.' "I've got about thirty-some tracks done, but I've got like sixteen that I'm in love with and I'm still working," T.I. told Rolling Stone. "After you get those sixteen, you try to make sixteen more to top them and you pick the best."