TIThough Atlanta rapper T.I. recently served a year in prison for his notorious 2007 weapons charge, critics still claim the Grand Hustle king needs to clear his name. Some of Tip's detractors have gone so far as to call him a snitch, claiming that he received a light sentence because he cooperated with law enforcement.

In the upcoming July/August issue of XXL, Tip addressed the various rumors about his "experimental" plea bargain and alleged preferential treatment he received from the court, which allowed him to serve only a year along with a $100,000 fine and 1,500 hours of community service, after being caught attempting to purchase three unregistered machine guns.

"What people don't take into consideration is the reason that I was eligible for certain agreements that they weren't eligible for was because I made myself a useful member of society," T.I. told XXL.

"Please understand the G code that I learned from," T.I. said in his defense. "If you speak out your mouth that a muthaf---a is telling on somebody and you can't come with indisputable, irrefutable facts to support that statement, that makes you the sucker ... You are now in violation of the G code. And there ain't nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin' I was on they paperwork."

The July/August XXL featuring T.I. hits newsstands July 6. T.I.'s forthcoming seventh album, 'King Uncaged,' is scheduled for a release on Aug. 17.