's 'F--- a Mixtape' will be released at 8PM on Thursday night, May 27, and hip-hop fans can expect a little West Coast tribute from the Atlanta rapper.

In addition to his new material, TIP took on the remake of Ice Cube's classic 1990 song, 'Once Upon a Time in the Projects,' for his new street album. Cube, who is currently promoting his upcoming album 'I Am the West,' explained to MTV News that he was impressed with T.I.'s work. "It's dope. It makes you realize you've made an impact on some of the younger MCs that come behind you. It's cool to a point 'cause these are the songs I make my bread and butter off," Cube said, explaining that T.I. chose a good song to cover. "I might have a little issue if it's some of my bigger hits. I might have an issue with that. But 'Once Upon a Time in the Projects,' that's tight."

Twelve years ago, Redman sampled portions of the track to create the song 'Jersey Yo!' on his LP 'Doc's Da Name 2000,' but Cube said that the two can't really be compared. "Redman's my man," he said. "We go back a long way -- all the way back to when he was just hanging with EPMD. Red, he's got a lot more leeway, but T.I.'s dope. I'm a fan of his records, so that's tight."

T.I.'s 'F--- A Mixtape,' was produced by DJs Drama and MLK. His seventh studio album 'King Uncaged' will be released on Aug. 17.