As The BoomBox previously reported, T-Boz hasn't had much luck with her creditors lately. After neglecting to file all the necessary paperwork to declare bankruptcy, the TLC singer was denied federal protection.

Honda is now entering the mix. According to TMZ, the car company has filed a lawsuit in Georgia requesting to repossess Tionne Watkins' 2005 Honda Civic. She has reportedly not been making timely payments on the vehicle.

T-Boz is currently over $700,000 in debt. Since her failed attempt to declare bankruptcy back in February, the singer has been at the mercy of her creditors. She can re-file after 180 days, but until July, companies she owes are free to pursue T-Boz's assets.

Hopefully Tionne can get it together this time. Perhaps that "reunion tour" with a resurrected Left Eye will squelch her financial woes?

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