Baltimore rhymer Tate Kobang is one of the hottest prospects in the rap game, and he just raised his profile up by enlisting veteran hitmaker Swizz Beatz to executive produce his debut album on 300 Entertainment.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, the 23-year-old rapper detailed his musical plans for 2016. "Swizz Beatz is executive producing the album," he says. "We’re looking to drop around September. Looking to do my own tour. I know I got a couple of tours coming up that we’re working on getting on and everything. We’re going to shoot [videos] everything for this mixtape. I’m going to be everywhere, man. People are going to get tired of seeing me."

Kobang, who just dropped his Since We're Here mixtape, says he's anxious to work with Swizzy in the studio.

"Man, listen. Swizz was like, 'Man, I’ma let you know, I get a million artists come across me every day, and there ain’t nothing special about them. There’s something about you. You it! You got it!'" he tells the Sun. I was like, 'Man, whatever it is, I’m glad I got it, because this is crazy.' We gonna link up and we gonna make magic."

There's hasn't been a plethora of Baltimore rappers who have shine outside of the city. Tate Kobang hopes to bring the spotlight to B-More with his upcoming studio album.

"Life is too short. I just want people to see there’s life outside the trenches," he says. "I listen to everybody from the city. I like to hear everybody’s story. I want to be the one that brings that platform to the city. I want us to have a Chief Keef year. Chief Keef came out, and then 50 other Chicago [rappers] got signed. That’s what I want."

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