There are his musical contributions to Jay-Z, T.I., Drake and Busta Rhymes tracks (as well as an engagement to a little someone named Alicia Keys), but Swizz Beatz has been logging some solid time at a New York City school called the Bronx Charter School for the Arts. As a sponsor, Swizz explained his role in some depth to Good Morning New York.

"Right now, I sponsor the school," he said. "Today, there's an art auction going on. What I do is, I put it out there and try to get my celebrity friends and get other people just to help out. You know, I take the school and try to take it to the next level. We're trying to get computers, after school programs -- plus, it's in my neighborhood, which is amazing."

So, Swizz has New York covered, but what about some global work? Recently, the super producer headed to Africa with Alicia Keys for the World Cup opening ceremony and did some humanitarian work helping rebuild a local village.

"We did a couple of charity efforts out there," Swizz explained. "I supported a village out there -- went shopping for them. You know, we're in the middle of rebuilding the village out of these containers. It's a life-changing trip because it makes you appreciate having a pair of shoes on your feet."