Swizz BeatzNow that all the hoopla behind his divorce from singer Mashonda has died down, producer Swizz Beatz is getting candid about the ordeal. Although the former couple have slammed each other in the press, Swizz says getting divorced was extremely difficult.

In an appearance on New York radio personality DJ Enuff's reality show 'The Wizards of NYC' Swizzy opened up about his former relationship. "I'm lucky in a lot of ways with my divorce, but it's like the hardest thing I've ever been through -- by far. You know what I'm saying? But it was a learning experience."

The couple split back in 2008, but news of Swizz's relationship with singer Alicia Keys fueled reports of infidelity. Adding insult to injury, Mashonda went after Keys in an open letter accusing her of breaking up the marriage. Swizz denies that Keys had anything to do with the fall of his marriage and was unhappy at how the story unfolded in the press. "The thing that upset me the most was the approach from the other side," he said. "It didn't have to be like that because it's false.""It's like false things and having the wrong people around, pumping yourself thinking you're gonna get a TV show off of so-called exposing," he continued. "It's like clown things and I'm always quiet with this sh--. I can't answer, I can't even feed into [it] because it's that much foolery to me."

"Now after this person [Keys] comes, this is the cause of our ten years? The reason why I got my divorce is for real s---. I didn't get busted cheating, it wasn't none of that. I got put into a situation where she was making me pick the relationship with my older son over my marriage."

The 31-year-old also revealed that his relationship with Keys came when he least expected it. "My situation, I wasn't looking for anything. I was fresh out of some s---, she was fresh out of some s---. You just need somebody that's compatible with you on all levels."

Swizz and Mashonda have since put their differences aside and recently celebrated the birthday of their 3-year-old son, Kaseem Jr.