Producer Swizz Beatz and estranged wife Mashonda filed for divorce back in April, but the beef between them is still fresh. Mashonda released a statement back in September citing Swizz infidelity with singer Alicia Keys as the cause for their breakup, to which neither Swizz nor Keys responded. To his credit, Swizz avoided defending himself, or even acknowledging Mashonda's allegations, until now.

This past weekend, after being repeatedly called out about his alleged infidelity, Swizz took to Twitter to defend himself. "F--- what they say or said. I'm a good man but when it's time [to] move on it's just time! I'm also a great f------ Dad but nobody give a s---," Swizz tweeted, angrily. "People talking about I cheated how the f--- can i cheat when I was seperated [sic] a--holes :) its been damn near 2years plus hello! G. A. Life!"

Of course, Mashonda was quick to respond to Swizz defensive remarks, tweeting "Here's the bottom line. [You] were married whn u started ur affair, ur married now. And both of u knew wht it was. Seperation [sic] came after the fact." She then claimed to be rinsing her hands of the whole affair, "But just know! I never lied and never will. Thank God we are doing this b4 2010. My new year ill not involve this scandol. [sic] That all folks."

Swizz and Mashonda were married in 2004 and have a son together. While Swizz has never publicly admitted to his relationship with Keys, he has hinted at the singer being his "boo" via Twitter, and referred to their relationship as "so precious." Though Swizz and Mashonda deleted their tweets immediately, the internet never forgets, so you can view them here. Never thought we'd see Alicia Keys involved in such a public situation.