After months of rumors, superstar producer/rapper Swizz Beatz has finally admitted that he and Alicia Keys are in a relationship.

According to an interview with the New York Daily News, Swizz says he's in love with the singer to whom he refers to as "A" in his verse on rapper Drake's 'Best I Ever Had' remix, spitting: "Wake up in the morning and my baby cooked me breakfast/ A's naked wearing nothing on but a necklace/ Yeah, she say she wanna treat me like a king/ I get big gifts so the money ain't a damn thing/ She gave me a party at the Guggenheim/ What's next? The ring? The baby? She really loves me!"

While Keys did throw him a party at the revered art museum, the rest of the lyrics were admittedly a stretch. "We're nowhere near ready for a baby or a ring," Swizz explained to the newspaper. "This whole song is not about Alicia. The part about her cooking breakfast for me naked -- she never done that for me."

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title:['Celebrity Hookups & Breakups'],
credit:['Retna I Paul Morigi, WireImage'],
caption:['Producer/rapper Swizz Beatz has confirmed rumors that he's dating Alicia Keys, but admits, "We're nowhere near ready for a baby or a ring."'],

Though Swizz clearly has a good thing going with the songstress, his ex Mashonda, is apparently less than enthused. "When he told Mashonda he was dating Alicia, I think she got jealous," a friend of Swizz' said, according to the Daily News.

Swizz and Mashonda have been divorced for months, and Mashonda is allegedly heated over the extravagant gifts he's bestowed on his new songbird, while his support payments have been less than she hoped for.

"He's been tightening the screws on her," says an unnamed friend. "It's becoming intolerable. Meanwhile, she's seen the charges for jewelry he's bought Alicia in France."

Meanwhile, the source goes on to suggest that Mashonda is not suffering. "She just came back from Paris and London. She drives a Bentley Flying Spur and a Cadillac Escalade. I don't think life's too bad for her," the friend revealed.

Ah, rich love. Can't remember the last time the wiz through a little get-together at the Guggenheim for the god.