For the past week, XXL has been releasing freestyles from their 2016 Freshman class. While most of them were good, some were head scratchers, particularly, Desiigner’s singing freestyle, which garnered several hilarious video memes.

However, there seems to be one outcast in this year’s Freshman Class, and his name is Super Mario. Yup. The popular video game character delivered an impressive freestyle and threw a shot at the “Panda” rapper for good measure.

The creative team of designers and producers called the Otaku Gang - which consists of Richie Branson, Solar Slim and graphic artist Plush Giant - created a video of Super Mario spitting a freestyle as if he was actually one of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class.

During his one-minute freestyle, Super Mario drops braggadocios lines about his video game prowess of busting down bricks and hooking up with Princess Peach. He then throws Desiigner under the bus.

"F--- Desiigner / And ain't talking about Prada clothes / See me ridin' on these brakes like the throttle closed," he raps, adding, "Mario, I know the code like a Navajo / I threw a lot of foes and a lot of lava flows."

We don't know why Mario has a beef with Desiigner but it could probably be settled with a few tournament rounds of Super Mario Bros. 2 video game.

All jokes aside, Otaku Gang's parody video has garnered over 4,000 views on their YouTube channel. However, on Facebook, it's getting major traction with 1,000 views, 25,000 shares and close to 10,000 likes.

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