Los Angeles police are currently on a manhunt for Marion "Suge" Knight, after the former Death Row mogul skipped out on a court date last week.

TMZ reports that Knight was scheduled to appear before a judge for driving on a suspended license in 2009, and is now facing arrest after his no-show. This is just another notch in Knight's string of on-going legal troubles.

In May, the 45-year-old mogul was arrested in L.A. for allegedly pulling a weapon on South Los Angeles resident Elmwood E. Chatman. Chatman successfully filed a restraining order against Knight, forcing him to remain at least 100-ft away from the victim for the next three years. Next, Knight took on Kanye West in a lawsuit originally filed in 2008, which holds the rapper/producer responsible for a Miami shooting incident that left Knight injured during a party for the MTV Video Music Awards. The two are scheduled to face off again in a Miami courtroom on December 6.

In the past five years, Knight, formerly one of the most powerful figures in rap music has faced a string of bad luck. In addition to the 2008 shooting incident in Miami, Knight has faced bankruptcy, numerous arrests, and even lost his teeth in a March car accident.