Though the original lawsuit was brought in Los Angeles, a trial date has now been set for December 6 in Miami, for the case brought against rapper/producer Kanye West by former Death Row gangster Marion "Suge" Knight.

According to Knight's claims, he was shot in the leg at a party at the popular Miami hot-spot, Shore Club, where Kanye was hosting an MTV Video Music Awards pre-party back in 2005. Six shots were reportedly fired, yet police were unable to find witnesses to the shooting in the packed nightclub, which included celebrities like Jessica Alba, the Black Eyed Peas and Paris Hilton. Knight is currently seeking over $1 million in damages to cover the medical bills required to mend his shattered femur and a lost diamond ring, and is suing both Kanye and the owners of the Shore club for "failing to provide adequate security" at the event.

"He's an icon in the music industry. He walks in a room and he lights it up," Knight's attorney said. "He had an expectation of security there. How someone came with a gun into a very VIP party, that just doesn't meet the smell test in life."

Knight, who went from being one of the most feared, powerful figures in rap music, with a roster that included Dr. Dre and Tupac, has fallen on hard times lately. In addition to getting shot in Miami, the past five years haven't been exactly lucky for Knight. He's been met with bankruptcy, numerous arrests, assaults and a recent car accident claimed many of his teeth.

"Prior to the party, defendants knew that it was critical to screen guests, employees and others entering the party premises for weapons," argued Knight's attorney. If Knight wins, the majority of the damages will end up with his bankruptcy trustee and the IRS.