Styles P and DJ Green Lantern

While 50 Cent tried to beef his way to the bank and destroy the L.O.X., its members remain strong and continue to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the game. One of the most enticing L.O.X.-related projects is an upcoming mixtape between rapper Styles P and DJ Green Lantern. Although originally slated for a November release, the duo is still in the lab putting some finishing touches on the project. The record, entitled 'Green Ghost Project,' is now targeted for early February and will apparently rest somewhere between a mixtape and a regular album (whatever that means).

"The 'Green Ghost Project' is just DJ Green Lantern and Styles P, the Ghost, coming together," Lantern said in a recent interview. "Basically, I put a gang of music together, got with a couple of producers I know personally and me and Styles just sat back and put a format together of a bunch of songs and a flow of the material on the project and the s--- came out crazy."
The duo recently wrapped shooting on a video for the new track 'Kite Runner.' The song details the mixed emotions that one experiences while doing a bid in prison. Considering Styles P has ample experience in this matter, the track is steeped in an increasingly rare realism.

"The song is basically about what dudes are saying in jail to their other dudes and about you not really needing much but a letter and a little bit of love," explained Styles in a recent interview. "Not money, not nothing but a little love to send a letter. If somebody's in jail, just send a letter. Let 'em know you love them."